Dr. Gurwinder Bath

Dr. Gurwinder Bath is personal injury certified. She has complete understanding of how Auto-Accidents affect the bio-mechanics of our bodies and how to take care of Auto-accident injury pains.

She works with a team of medical doctors and attorneys so your health and fair settlement of the case is not compromised in any manner. You will be treated properly to speed up your recovery and get back to normal life.

Dr. GURWINDER WAS ONCE IN YOUR SHOES. Years ago, when she was doing her undergrad at UC Davis she was suffering from aches and pains and no medical doctor could find a solution to her issues. She got bed ridden, and went to numerous specialists. Few years after living with pain, she started going to a chiropractor, who helped her begin her pain-free journey. Her dream was to become an Emergency Physician; however, chiropractic had such a big impact on her that she chose to become a chiropractor to help those in the shoes she once was. She understands the pain and suffering.

Dr. Gurwinder now successfully runs her chiropractic practice in Sacramento. She offers affordable, gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care.

She also provides Drug & Alcohol testing for both DOT and non-DOT purposes.

Tests are administered by the use of blood, saliva, hair, urine and breath samples. The drug screening professionals are certified and trained in compliance with the federal regulations. Our team provides onsite testing services for saving time, but if more discretion is required, off site testing is done.