Urine Drug Testing There are basically two types of urine screening processes. The first one is called, “immunoassay”, and it is cost-effective and gives quick results. However, it has its drawbacks like, all opioids can’t be detected it and false positives are detected sometimes. The second one is Gas chromatography or Mass spectrometry (GC/MS). GC/MS tests are comparatively are more expensive and the results take a long time to come, but they rarely detect false positives.

DOT requires lab testing; but for non-DOT purposes, we provide Instant Drug Testing from a urine specimen. It can be performed for panel of 5 drugs, or for panel of 10 drugs.

Drugs tested in 10-panel:

  • Cocaine
  • Amp
  • M-Amp: Meth-Amphetamine
  • THC
  • MTD: Methadone
  • OPI: Opiates
  • Oxy: OxyContin
  • Bar: Barbiturates
  • BZO: Benzodiazepines
  • BPU: Benzoylphenylurea

Drugs tested in 5-panel:

  • THC: Marijuana
  • OPI: Opiates
  • PCP: Phencyclidine (white powder, crystal)
  • COC: Cocaine
  • AMP: Amphetamine

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