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Is sitting bad for back?

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A simple answer,

For a vast majority of people who spend a good part of their day sitting, scientific reports and studies have already painted a grim picture of the adverse side effects for them.
Studies done on sitting indicate that:

“More time spent sitting is directly linked to shortened life expectancy!”

What’s more?
Since more people are leading sedentary lifestyles now than ever, the effects are being acknowledged as well.

Millions around the world spend around 9 hours or more, sitting.
Workday hustle has taken over their lifestyle and healthy habits have taken a back seat.

The problem

Sitting for prolonged periods affects metabolism and may lead to increased health risks like obesity and type-2 diabetes.
Prolonged sitting is also associated with a steep drop in lipase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down fat in the body. The unwanted weight gain further compounds ill-effects in the body.

Furthermore, Increased immobility puts an adverse impact on our spine.
Spending much of your day in a seated position can leave the spine sore, stiff and in pain. That’s because too much sitting, while it may be relaxing, puts stress on the muscles and discs of your back and neck.

Theoretical Insight

Sitting, especially with a bad posture wreaks havoc on spinal health. The pressure which our spine has to bear while being in a hunched sitting position can be as much as 275 kg!

According to a study conducted by Institute for Medicine and Public Health, an average person spends eight hours a day seated.
And unless you break it up, all that sitting, whether it’s due to those car rides, watching shows in front of the television for hours or at the computer puts that undue pressure on the back and the spine.

Bottom Line
Sitting isn’t healthy. The spine takes a heavy toll and so does the cardiovascular system Prolonged uninterrupted sitting needs to be avoided!

The Solution

Schedulers which allow users to set notifications for as little of a task as getting up and having a glass of water.
A short break every 30 minutes or sitting exercises, working out frequently or even just getting up and taking a short stroll can be beneficial.

Just something that gets the legs jiggling!

Finally someone who can help!


Yes, frequent visits to a chiropractor may help eliminate the disadvantages associated with long duration of sitting. Chiropractors are well versed in providing recommendations, offering certain treatments to fix problems and may also design a plan that could help find a workplace solution.

Issues with spine and bad posture can be all but eliminated by regular chiropractic adjustments.
Regular adjustments also means the muscles get the necessary stimulation and overworked muscles get time to relax and recover.

The choice of method or the combination of choices offered by them can mean the difference, not just for today but for a healthy future self. It may offer you long term and stable results.

The important thing however, is to sit less.

It may be challenging but the evidence on this is far too strong to be ignored.
Professionals can make a few adjustments at the office in order to reduce the risks associated with inactivity during that long day at work. And homemakers! You know what to do.

So don’t just sit there, make a move and get started!

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