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Drug Tests. Can you beat them?

If you are working for the government or you are, an athlete, teacher, driver, or even while adopting a child, a drug test is mandatory for you. You may even need to take these tests periodically in some occupations. Drug testing has now become much more prevalent in the United States and its use is growing due to the increased government scrutiny.

Drug Tests

An estimated 45 million to 50 million workplace drug tests are given each year, across the U.S.

In a recent survey comprised of 70,000 adults working in the U.S., 48.2 percent participants reported that their employers conduct workplace drug screening.

The reason for doing drug testing in an organization isn’t to show lack of trust or criminalize its employees, but is to ensure a safe work place. Employees using drugs are 3.5 times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident, than other workers. However, the danger they pose to others, is much more than for themselves.

The National Safety Council states that 80% of people injured in drug-related accidents are the innocent bystanders.

To avoid such incidents, employers use drug testing as a part of pre-employment screenings, random checks, and also in post-injury evaluations.

A 71.2% decrease in accidents was reported in Southern Pacific Railroad, after it began using a drug testing program.

Many people try their best to evade drug tests, but they fail to outsmart the current testing methodologies.

Drug Tests

10 most common misconceptions about beating drug tests– DEBUNKED

1. Drinking lots of water before a drug test makes THC undetectable. 

Drinking plenty of water does make it hard to detect drugs, but it also changes the natural creatinine levels in our urine. This dilution of creatinine is a big red flag for a drug tester. Fluids can be diluted, but even the slightest trace of a drug can be detected with today’s advanced technology.

2. All drugs stay in your system for the same amount of time.

Each individual has a different biological and physical characteristics which change his metabolism for drugs. Different drugs have different detection times and even some strains of marijuana stay in our system longer than others.

3. Urine drug tests are common as they are cheap, but not due to their accuracy.

Yes, urine drug tests are comparatively less expensive and easier to administer than other testing methods. However, they also deliver extremely accurate results as drugs remain in our urine for a longer time and in higher concentrations. Urine drug testing can screen for up to 10 drugs at once and provides quick results.

4. Poppy seeds don’t cause a false positive opiate result.

False, they can!
Poppy seeds come from the same plant as opium and are coated with the substance. Poppy seed bagels and other such items with poppy seeds, should be avoided before a drug test, because they increase the chances of a false positive for opioids.

5. If someone eats or drinks ______, the drugs are eliminated from their body.

Drinking vinegar won’t help! There is nothing you can do to fill this blank and make the statement true. There are many websites that claim to know the secret for passing a drug test, but still there is nothing that someone can eat or drink so as to get rid of the drugs in his system. Drug tests are created by scientists having full knowledge of the human body and drug testers are trained to look for any signs of manipulation. A detox designed by experts or not using drugs in the first place are the only ways to ensure a negative result.

6. Strenuous exercise prior to a drug test can help in passing it.

Intensive exercise and a lot of perspiration may help occasional drug users, sufficiently detoxing themselves for passing a drug test that is a few weeks away. Though it won’t work if your use is regular. Moreover, if you are up for a surprise drug test, it doesn’t matter how much u sweat out beforehand.

7. A Mouth Swab Drug Test will not detect weed

NO, THIS IS FALSE! In a mouth swab test, weed can be detected easily and it is very cheap. This test can be deployed at any time and the results are immediate and accurate. Thus making it extremely easy to conduct random drug tests.

8. Secondhand smoke could make you fail the drug test.

As long as you’re not smoking intentionally, it’s not possible for an individual to inhale enough smoke to cause failure in the test. Passive inhalation cannot bring enough THC in the system to get a positive result, until one spends many hours in a confined space with marijuana smokers. For most people exposed to occasional secondhand marijuana smoke, this exposure will not adversely affect a drug test.

9. Antibiotics do not cause a false positive drug test.

There are some types of antibiotics that may cross-react in the opiate screening process, due to the presence of opium derivatives in the medicine.

10. An OTC cold medicine could result in a false positive for methamphetamine

In drug tests, methamphetamine shows up as D-methamphetamines and cold medications show up as L-methamphetamines, making it easy to differentiate between them.

Regardless of what employees may try to get a false negative result, drug testing is your best bet for keeping the workplace safe.

Jeeo Health Center’s drug testing process is a quick, convenient, and a reliable way to ensure that.

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